Kari has helped me enormously to free up my voice as an expressive instrument.

— Neil Jordan

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August 11-14, 2018
Pan American Vocalogy Association (PAVA)
Presentation: Integrating Science and Art Through a Systematic Pedagogy
Seattle, WA

May 18, 2018
The Art and Science of Great Teaching: Celebrating the Legacy of William Vennard
Keynote: Evidence-based Voice Pedagogy: In Defense of Scientific Understanding
USC, Los Angeles

April 14, 2018
Northwest Voice Conference: Art and Science of the Performing Voice
Keynote: Tools of the Trade: Bringing Kinesthetic Awareness to Singers
Seattle, WA

August 2-6, 2017
International Congress of Voice Teachers (ICVT)
Presentations: 1. A Systematic Approach to Rehabilitating Injured Singers
2. Impact of Cool-down Exercises
Stockholm, Sweden

April 21-22, 2017
Northwest Voice Conference: The Art and Science of the Performing Voice
Presentation: A Systematic Approach toe Rehabilitating the Injured Singer
University of Washington, Seattle, WA

April 15, 2017
Kari Ragan: My Mezzos and Me
Recital at University of Washington
Seattle, WA

March 6, 2017
Samual Barber’s Knoxville Summer of 1915
University of Washington Philharmonia
Seattle, WA

February 26, 2017
Beethoven Mass in C
Eugene Symphony and Chorale
Eugene, OR

October 15-16, 2016
PAVA Conference in affiliation with Fall Voice Medical Conference
Presentation: “Impact of Cool-down Exercises”
Scottsdale, AZ

July 8-12, 2016
National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) National Conference
Presentation: “Habilitating the Injured Singer: A Systematic Approach”
Chicago, IL

April 22-23, 2016
Voice Symposium: The Art and Science of the Performing Voice
Organizer and Keynote Speaker: “Integrating Art and Science Through a Systematic Pedagogy”
University of Washington, Seattle, WA

April 3, 2016
New York Singing Teachers Association (NYSTA)
“A Practical Guide for Working with Voice Disorders”
On-Line Webinar Event

March 5, 2016
Northwest Regional NATS Conference
Keynote: “Vocal Health for the Cross-Training Performer”
Seattle, WA

September 11-12, 2015
Washington State University Recital and Masterclass
“Ah, Love but a Day!” (Featuring classical and music theatre genres)
Pullman, WA

May 31, 2015
Voice Foundation Symposium Paper Presentation
“The Impact of Cool-Down Exercises: A Subjective Study of Singers’ and Listeners’ Perceptions”
Philadelphia, PA

March 7, 2015
Central Washington University SNATS Presentation
“The Business of Building of Voice Studio”
Ellensburg, WA

December 6, 2014
Wenatchee Valley Symphony Orchestra
Honey and Rue by Andre Previn
Wenatchee, WA

July 2014
NATS National Conference Presenter
“A Practical Guide for Working with Voice Injuries”
Boston, MA

May 2014
Voice Foundation Symposium
Workshop: “The Pedagogical Basis for Vocal Cool-Down Exercises”
Philadelphia, PA

March 16, 2014
NATSAA Adjudicator, Regional Finals
Ellensburg, WA

June 2013
Voice Foundation Symposium Paper Presentation:
“The Physiological and Pedagogical Basis for Vocal Cool-Down Exercises”
Workshop Presentation “Tools of the Trade: Creating Kinesthetic Awareness in Singers”
Philadelphia, PA

April 2013
NCVS Symposium Presentation:
“The Apologetics of the Singing Voice Specialist”
Salt Lake City, UT