The scene when Papageno finally is awarded his "prize" was delightful. Ragan sang Papagena with spritely spirit and in a light vocal quality fitting to the part.

— Winnifred Ringhoffer, Tri-City Herald


May, 30 2014
Voice Foundation Symposium Workshop: “The Pedagogical Basis for Vocal Cool-Down Exercises”
Philadelphia, PA

March 16, 2014
NATSAA Adjudicator, Regional Finals
Seattle, WA

June 2013
The Voice Foundation Symposium
Paper Presentation “The physiological and Pedagogical Basis for
Vocal Cool-Down Exercises”
Workshop Presentation “Tools of the Trade: Creating Kinesthetic Awareness in Singers.
Philadelphia, PA.

April, 2013
NCVS Symposium Presentation “The Apologetics of the Singing Voice Specialist.” Salt Lake City, UT

March 3, 2012
Vocal Health Workshop and CMT Masterclass: Portland, OR

March 4, 2012
NATSAA Adjudicator: Portland, OR

April 27-28, 2012
Washington Music Educators Association (WMEA) State Adjudicator

June 1, 2012
Voice Foundation Symposium: Van L. Lawrence recipient

Wicklund Singing Voice Specialist Certificate

July, 2010
51st Annual National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) National Conference in Salt Lake City, UT. Presentation: “It Takes a Team: Managing Voice Disorders,” with Karen Wicklund and Leda Scearce.

March 2010
The New York Singing Teachers Association (NYSTA) Distinguished Voice Professional

September, 2010
Article: “The Connected Private Voice Studio” published in the Journal of Singing September, 2010

September 2012
Article: “Intubation Considerations for Singers” published in The NYSTA’s publication VOICEPrints, April 2010. Augmented article co- written with Dr. Kunal Gangopadhyay to be published in the Journal of Singing,

January, 2010
WMEA Spokane District Adjudicator

February 2010
Contemporary Music Theatre Pedagogy Workshop and Masterclass, Cascade Chapter NATS, Portland, OR,

November 2010
Contemporary Music Theatre Pedagogy Masterclass, Spokane Washington

May, 2009
National Association of Teachers Singing (NATS) Pedagogy Award

May 10th-15th, 2009
MusicFest Northwest Adjudicator, Spokane, Washington