kari Ragan Book Cover


A Systematic Approach to Voice:

The Art of Studio Application

  • Over 85 vocal exercises for studio application framed within a systematic approach for both a CCM and classical aesthetic
  • A brief overview of the mechanics of each voice system and relevant “teacher takeaways”
  • Extensive discussion on semi-occluded vocal tract (SOVT) exercises
  • Introduction of several kinesthetic singing tools
  • Eight sample warm-up protocols designed for various levels of singers and both CCM and classical genres
  • A PluralPlus companion website with video demonstrations for each vocal exercise and sample warm-up

A Systematic Approach to Voice: The Art of Studio Application is a professional resource presenting a framework for the integration of science-informed principles of voice production and pedagogical application in the training of singers. Author Dr. Kari Ragan has spent years using this organizational template of the five voice systems – respiration, phonation, registration, articulation, and resonance – to identify technical challenges and design corrective vocal exercises in order to facilitate efficient singing.

Each of the voice system chapters contains a brief overview of the mechanics as well as key points for teachers, or “teacher takeaways.” The book’s core offering is vocal exercises which, framed within a systematic approach, provide strategies for the art of studio application. The intent is to create an approach that leads to technically proficient singing working in service of great artistry.