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Virtual Voice Teacher Training with Dr. Kari Ragan

Supervised Practicum Course for Voice Teachers

4 weeks-Thursdays, January 25-February 15, 9:00-11:00 PDT, USA. Limited to 6 teachers. Cost: $550 teacher participant and $400 observer (payment installment available).
Singing Voice Specialist Practicum-Coming Spring 2024. Contact Dr. Ragan

This online supervised teacher training practicum will focus on the effective application of the principles of voice production. It is designed to provide teacher feedback during lessons. Teachers will learn a structured approach to diagnosing vocal challenges and devising vocal tasks to train efficient singing. It will be highly customized, depending on the needs of the select group of teachers, and will include a great deal of discussion, observation, and interaction.

  • Fully online
  • Live classes led by author, singer and voice pedagogue Dr. Kari Ragan
  • Classes will be recorded and available to watch on catch-up if you have to miss but strongly encouraged to attend each session with camera on.
  • Upon completion of the course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion

This course is designed to replicate the supervised practicum of training a particular expertise found in many other fields. It’s for voice teachers wanting real-time feedback for diagnosing vocal challenges and strategizing solutions through a systematic approach to voice. There are only 6 spaces available to teachers wishing to participate in the supervised practicum in order to enhance the individual experience. Unlimited additional spaces are available to observational attendees.

Why take this course?

Do you wish you’d have had a Voice Teacher Practicum during your training? Perhaps you’ve spent a great deal of time studying the principles of voice production and now want real-time, hands-on feedback and experience? Maybe there are particular vocal challenges your student is having, and you would like feedback on designing vocal tasks to guide a corrective solution?

This course answers all of the above questions and much more. Based on Dr Ragan’s book A Systematic Approach to Voice: The Art of Studio Application, this course brings those pages into a real-time experience.

Knowledge of anatomy, physiology, acoustics and cognition, and familiarity with the functions of voice production as they apply to the musical genre(s) of their students should be at the core of any singing teacher’s pedagogy. Learning the art of teaching those principles is the next critical step in the process.

Participating teachers will have the opportunity to share a portion of a video recorded voice lesson or invite their singer/student for a real-time experience. Any vocal genres and styles are welcome. Teachers will learn a structured approach to aural and visual cues during their students’ voice lessons in order to devise vocal tasks for training efficient singing.

There are only 6 spaces available to teachers wishing to participate in the supervised practicum to ensure that there is a great deal of time for feedback and discussion! Unlimited additional spaces are available to observational attendees.

How the course works

  • Signing up as a participating teacher includes presenting a portion of a video recorded voice lesson or inviting the singer in real-time (it is anticipated that the participating teachers will attend in real-time with their cameras on)
  • Each participating teacher will be given a 35-minute time slot twice during the course. They may feature the same student twice or feature two different students.
  • The 35-minute time slot will be used to play a portion of the student’s lesson. This may be a continuous portion of the lesson or may be made up of different parts of the lesson (other parts can be skipped through if using a video recorded lesson)
  • In order to leave plenty of time for feedback and discussion, guidelines recommend playing a 12 to 15-minute segment
  • Participating teachers will also receive written feedback