Rehabilitation For Injured Singers

Voice Team Approach

When a singer’s voice is compromised by injury or pathology, one needs a voice team approach to restore vocal function. As a Singing Voice Specialist (SVS), I have specialized training that enables working in affiliation with a medical voice team to rehabilitate a singer with an injured voice. Following a medical evaluation by a laryngologist and speech-language pathologist who specialize in the care of the performing voice, a singer will be referred to my voice studio so that I may provide a singing evaluation and rehabilitative plan.

A Singing Voice Specialist (SVS) is the current label given to a voice teacher and speech-language pathologist with specialized training in the rehabilitation of singers with voice pathologies or injuries. An SVS must work in affiliation with a medical voice team–primarily a laryngologist (See Understanding Voice Doctors-Whom to Call and When to Call Them (JOS, 2017)) and speech-language pathologist–to help restore the voice of a singer. Just as professional athletes require a team of sports and medical specialists to recover from injury, the standard of care in performing arts medicine for singers requires a team approach.

It is an honor and a privilege to help singers restore their singing voices. The loss of voice impacts every aspect of one’s life. Not only do we work together to regain optimal voice use, it generally facilitates a positive change to enable functional and artistic singing beyond the pre-injury vocal technique. Singers can enjoy their singing in new and meaningful ways. Please contact me if you need more information about a referral for a voice care team.