What Others Say
Joan LaderVoice Therapist/Teacher

Experience with professional and aspiring singers as well as injured singers.
Evidence-based vocal exercises and technique.
Eagerness to share insights and address concerns of teachers around the country.
Evolving and inspiring NATS Chats webinars…Dr. Kari Ragan, an exceptional teacher and colleague!

Dean WilliamsonOpera Conductor and Coach

Kari Ragan exemplifies the best of the new generation of vocal teachers who understand technique, anatomy, acoustics, and interpretation. Her ability to work with a variety of musical styles and voice types from classical to CCM is amazing. As is her talent in rehabilitating voices with severe issues. Her team approach to the injured voice is cutting edge and gives the student the best support for recovery.

Lauren KulesaEmerging Professional Classical Singer

Kari Ragan is an incredible teacher! She is extremely knowledgeable and always communicates in an effective way. She truly cares for her students and gives so much of her time and energy toward furthering our capabilities. I leave each lesson feeling empowered and able to employ the techniques we worked on in the lesson on my own. I’ve experienced significant growth in my vocal abilities, and I know that I will only improve as I continue to study with her.

Darrell J. JordanProfessional Classical Singer and Teacher

Dr. Ragan is the gold standard for what a voice pedagogue should be. Her technical prowess in the field of teaching voice is unrivaled. Not only am I a better musician because of her, but I am a far better teacher and scholar. There is no instructor I trust or could recommend more highly than Dr. Ragan!

Dawn PadulaDirector of Vocal Studies and Opera Theater, University of Puget Sound School of Music

Kari Ragan is the quintessential vocal pedagogue. As a fellow vocal pedagogue and performer, I am very particular about whom I trust with my continued technical and artistic vocal development. I trust no one more implicitly than Dr. Ragan. Her knowledge of the voice and how to teach it is unsurpassed.

Megan ParkerProfessional Classical and Music Theatre Singer

Dr. Kari Ragan is an inspirational leader and consummate teacher and mentor. She truly cares for her students and helps them, some facing injuries, to unlock greater efficiency in vocal function and artistry. Working with Dr. Ragan has been a transformative experience and I'm eternally grateful for her wisdom and care.

Robbie ChristmasIndependent Artist—Singer/Songwriter

I have been a professional singer for the last 15 years; performing at breweries and wineries around the country. Though I was not a trained singer, I was always in touch with my instrument and knew when something was wrong. After an evaluation with an ENT-voice specialist I discovered I had a polyp and muscle tension dysphonia (MTD). Immediately my heart sank. But before I could panic, he encouraged me to reach out to Dr. Kari Ragan. He told me about her long list of accolades and experience teaching and helping to rehabilitate injured singers. She immediately had a plan to help me with my technique and overall philosophy around singing that would help me avoid surgery. I can say with absolutely certainty and confidence that Dr. Ragan has single handedly helped restore my voice and train me to be the best singer. Her passion for teaching and sharing knowledge with her students knows no bounds and I owe her a debt of gratitude for how giving she has been with her time and resources.

Cheryse McLeod LewisProfessional Singer

Dr. Kari Ragan is a master vocal technician, a fierce advocate for students, and an all-around amazing teacher and colleague. I am blessed to have her on my professional vocal team. She has helped me prepare for a National Broadway Tour and many other professional singing contracts with technical expertise, wisdom, and care. Additionally, her pedagogical skills have infinitely improved my musical theatre/pop singing ability since I come from a primarily classical/operatic background. She is one of the pedagogical giants of our generation.

Kenneth W. BozemanProfessor Emeritus Lawrence University

Voice teacher Dr. Kari Ragan has a thorough, nationally recognized, and ever-increasing knowledge base of current voice pedagogy and science. Through her facile hosting of NATS Chats (webinars), the recent publication of her book, A Systematic Approach to Voice: The Art of Studio Application, and her promotion of Evidence Based Voice Pedagogy (EBVP), she plays a prominent role in bringing the voice community excellent continuing educational information and opportunity. Finally, her close association and collaboration with one of the best voice specialized laryngologists in the country for follow-up behavioral retraining of voice patients complements her voice pedagogy with an excellent vocal health perspective.