Kari Ragan is not only an excellent performer, but a gifted teacher…

— Ellen Faull, Professor Emeritus—The Julliard School


The process of learning to sing is a journey of both vocal and personal development. The physical aspect of singing is juxtaposed with the emotions of human nature. These two ideas are inextricably linked in the progression of becoming a singer.

It is crucial to build a trust with students that allows the discovery of their ‘true voice;’ a voice without manipulations or manifestations but rather a development of their natural instrument. Being confident in one’s knowledge of vocal pedagogy (anatomy, physiology and acoustics) is crucial in teaching students to build a proficient methodology. Furthermore, as their technique becomes stronger, it is my role to help singers find the artistry in the music since communication is a key component to becoming a successful singer.

In my experience as a teacher there is one congruent philosophy: each student is an individual and requires a unique application of these techniques. One of the gifts I bring to teaching is my ability to communicate the ideas of singing technique to my students. I have worked diligently to become a professional singer and vocal pedagogue. I understand the development of the voice with regards to technique and musicality. Furthermore, I continue to take every opportunity to research and further my education through the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS), The Voice Foundation, The New York Singing Teachers’ Association (NYSTA) and other organizations in order to enhance my own abilities as a professional singer and teacher. This benefits my students greatly in their continued vocal studies.