Vocal Cool-down Research

The Efficacy of Vocal Cool-Down

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This Journal of the Singing article “The Efficacy of Vocal Cool-Down Exercises” published in 2018, is the more user-friendly version of the Journal of Voice paper, which presented the research methods and design of the original study.

Centuries of experience-based practice and publications have created the belief that warm-up is a necessary aspect of voice training. Vocal cool-down at the end of a lesson, rehearsal, or performance is not yet standard practice. In recent years, singers have more frequently been encouraged to cool down the voice, but empirical and scientific data remain in their infancy with regard to evidence-based information. This article provides an overview of the subjective measures from the study as well as the vocal cool-down protocol used designed for classical female singers. This “Cool-down Protocol Handout” provides the vocal exercises utilized in the study. This video link is a demonstration of the cool-down protocol https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4K56IVuVQRpMzlhQ3l5UE80a3M/view?usp=sharing.